IdeaFaktory Podcast Episode 2: Brawling over The Great App Shakeout

This week’s episode of Ideafaktory Radio is the first of a three part series with Forbes contributor and Social Enterprise guru Mark Fidelman.  This wasn’t even meant to be recorded! Mark deviously taped our private conversation on his iPhone and captured the two of us brawling over the future of apps, among other issues that keep geeks up at night.  In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why you don’t need to motivate people who work at MTV
  2. Why only rich, hot people should go into journalism
  3. How successful apps get pimped
  4. Why Twitter and Facebook might be #JumpingTheShark #LOL #OMG
  5. Why I don’t care that apps are dying as Mark nurses app developers back to health, like Mother Theresa.
  6. How competition cleanses everything except financial services

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Coming soon: Gregory Essau, a home builder turned sustainable economy missionary.


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