Keynoting the NYU Stern Freshman “Convocation” on August 27, 2012

NYU Stern | Undergraduate | New Students

I have to admit, until I was invited to keynote the Stern Freshman Convocation on August 27th, I’d never heard the word “convocation” before.  Remembering my own freshman year, my best guess was some sort of mash-up of “condoms” and “vacation”. Disappointingly, it really means “assembly”.  Despite this linguistic trickery, I’m not taking my duties lightly.  I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to say, but you can get a hint from my recent blog posts.  Regardless, our future will be a lot different than today.  And these 500 smart freshmen will eventually help shape it.  As I prepare my notes, I’m curious what you’d tell the next generation of young entrepreneurs and corporate tycoons?  Submit your comments below or on Twitter or Facebook or Google+.