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Vision & Growth Strategy Tired of useless strategy consultants treating your business like a grad school project? We deliver vision, strategy, and innovation that can actually be executed – not stacks of useless slides.  We have a strong point of view on where the world is going and deep understanding of every major consumer and B2B technology. We also know consumer psychology, think creatively, and don’t mince words. Plus, we’ve delivered. We’ve launched multiple $100M+ businesses for top Fortune 100 companies.

Econovation Score True innovation must have impact. An EconovationTM is an innovation that hasmeasurable economic and societal impact. The Econovation Score is a social, predictive rating system and index for identifying, measuring, and analyzing which technologies, inventions, startups and trends will materially impact your business.

Futurism & Speaking IdeaFaktory founder Steve Faktor is an entrepreneur, futurist and digital commerce expert. He is author of Econovation, a top-rated global keynote speaker, and contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Steve is a former innovation and strategy executive at American Express, MasterCard, Citi, and Andersen. He was selected as one of LinkedIn’s original 180 influencersBio & contact.


Tech & Startup Partnerships We specialize in advising and preparing high-quality, funded technology startups to partner with major corporations. We have a vast network of trusted executive relationships, but wouldn’t dare risk them by representing sub-par technologies.  That makes us very picky about who we work with. And we’re not some matchmaking service. Corporations put us on retainer to help them find and evaluate potential partners, new technologies, and strategic deals that will make 1+1=3.

Incubation At IdeaFaktory, we eat our own cooking. We are in skunkworks incubating and investing in several startups focused on the B2B space. Our mission is to deliver scaleable technologies that solve real problems.  Subscribe to our mailing list for news on upcoming launches.

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Product & Service Innovation Great innovations must solve real problems. That guarantees demand, but not success. We can help by re-imagining or rejuvenating an existing product or service. We’re just as comfortable starting with a white sheet of paper. We’re shockingly good at unearthing big opportunities, collecting insights, segmenting markets, and turning ideas into profitable, defensible innovations. We dig deep to create winning business models, pricing, technology partnerships and go-to-market plans.

Invention, Patents & Licensing IdeaFaktory has a growing portfolio of proprietary patent filings and high-potential patentable opportunities in various stages of development. Categories include household goods, fashion, electronics, food & beverage, toys, and several process innovations.  Contact us for inquiries about potential licensing, joint-development, or partnership opportunities.


The 4C’s of InnovationTM Training We’ve deployed and managed successful enterprise innovation programs at American Express, Citi and MasterCard. The collective wisdom of those lessons is captured in our proprietary 4C’s of InnovationTM approach. We use these principles and techniques to help companies create, run, and automate their own innovation programs. We conduct training and workshops but prefer that they’re part of an overall program, not one-time affairs.

The 9 Corporate Personality TypesTM We specialize in driving change through a creating a culture of innovation. We developed the 9 Corporate Personality TypesTM to ensure the right people are in the right roles to deliver real innovation, not the illusion of it.