IdeaFaktory Services

We live and breathe our best-in-class 4C’s of InnovationTM process, which has produced multiple $100M+ businesses at Fortune 100 companies. Below are some of the big questions we help clients answer.



Where are the best growth opportunities for my company?
  • How will tech, economic & cultural trends will disrupt our business?
  • What will our future customers want?
  • Where should we focus our growth & innovation efforts?
  • What are actionable growth hypotheses for our business?


What products or services should we bring to market?
  • What should our innovation vision & strategy be?
  • What innovations (products/ services/ business lines) will grow our business?
  • How do we re-imagine a struggling product or service?
  • Can you help create the concept, business model, strategy, & go-to-market plan?
  • How do we build a sustainable pipeline?


How do we commercialize quickly & sustain competitive advantage?
  • How do we successfully commercialize this innovation?
  • What tech, IP, talent or other assets can help us sustain competitive advantage?
  • Can you help us find and assess rapid deployment partners or acquisitions?


How can we ensure innovation succeeds at our company?
  • How should we measure, organize, staff & reward innovation?
  • Help us deploy a best in class 4C’s of InnovationTM program
  • What tools, budgets & technologies fit our needs?
  • Can you help train our people to lead & manage innovation?
  • What innovation sourcing methods are right for our business (R&D, venture, academia, etc)?

Our Capabilities Accelerator program eliminates months of corporate bureaucracy by quickly identifying innovation opportunities and finding startups to help you launch fast. [illustration]

1. Opportunity Finder

Identify potential growth opportunities
  • Perform a focused (typically one month) gap & opportunity assessment
  • Identify three potential innovation opportunities to address identified need(eg growth, cost savings, customer service, etc.)
  • Identify types of partners that can accelerate commercialization

2. Partner Selection

Select partnership or acquisition targets
  • Identify 2-4 partnership or acquisition targets per month for speeding identified opportunities to market
  • Assess target partner’s technology, capabilities & viability
  • Advise on strategic fit

3. Introductions & Deals

Facilitate introductions & partnership discussions
  • Prep prospective partners to address client needs
  • Facilitate introductions
  • Conduct post-discussion reviews
  • Provide strategic guidance on deal parameters
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Steve Faktor is an entrepreneur, futurist, and digital commerce expert. He is Managing Director of IdeaFaktory. Steve is a top global keynote speaker and author of Econovation about capitalizing on America’s shift from consumerism to ‘producerism’. Steve shares his provocative, original ideas on innovation, technology, economics and entrepreneurship in Forbes, LinkedIn Influencer, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and many others.

Below are Steve’s current speaking topics and sampling of our past keynotes and custom workshops.



  • Chief Innovation Officer Summit | 9/13
  • Blogworld/NMX BusinessNext | Las Vegas | 1/13
  • RocketSpace Innovation Summit | San Francisco | 11/12
  • Harvard Business School Cyberposium | 11/12
  • WORKTECH Future of Work | San Francisco | 10/12
  • CFO Magazine Leadership Summit: Emerging Trends for Sustaining a Resilient Company | Orlando | 3/12
  • Frost & Sullivan Growth, Innovation & Leadership Summit (GIL) | Silicon Valley | 9/11
  • PDMA Social Product Devel. & Co-Creation | Phoenix | 6/11
  • Breakthrough Innovation | Barcelona | 3/11
  • Optimizing Innovation | New York | 10/09 & 10/10
  • IIR Future Trends | Miami | 10/10
  • IIR Front End of Innovation (FEI) | Boston | 5/10


  • 4C’s of InnovationTM Bootcamps
  • Strategy & Product Development Facilitation
  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Workshops
  • Product Naming
  • Global Product Forum Creator & Emcee
  • Past clients: X+1, American Express, Hallmark, Samsung, MasterCard, LendingClub


StartupFaktory helps startups secure major partnerships, clients, & acquirers through our vast network of senior executives.

  • We focus on no more than six high-potential startups at a time
  • Startups must be in industries where we have great relationships & expertise
  • Our fees are a simple formula of cash, equity & success bonuses that vary by client size & funding situation. Email us for more details
  • We typically work with you for 3 – 6 months & often beyond that
  • No B.S. We’re not theorists, we’ve done it in the real world.

How everything works below.




We only work with six startups at a time, so we look for companies that:
  • Raised at least $1M from outside investors
  • Have user growth, preferably paying ones
  • Operate in industry where we have strong relationships & expertise (financial services, retail, CPG, consumer electronics, tech or services.
  • Have a product & team we truly believe in


Our goal is to prepare startups to maximize growth & attract big customers, partners or acquirers.
  • Strategic guidance throughout the incubation period & beyond (for relationships with equity).
  • Product or service planning & advisory
  • Preparation & participation in key investor, client or partner meetings to lend support & credibility.
  • Executive leadership & management coaching


We go all-out to introduce you to our vast network of senior executives
  • Introduction to prospective investors, partners, clients & acquirers
  • Pitch preparation & guidance
  • Strategic guidance on deal parameters