Part II – Deep Dive: Apple Pay and The Strange Bedfellows Analysis [free login]

This is a deep-dive follow-up to my Will Apple Pay Reign Supreme? article in Forbes.

Apple Pay launched last week with a million cards registered. How did you celebrate? CVS and several other retailers celebrated by disabling all NFC chip payments in anticipation of their own solution, CurrentC…based on my favorite punching bag, QR codes.

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Finally, the payments space is getting exciting – but not for the reasons everyone thinks.  Sure, NFC and Bitcoin are practically Fifty Shades of Grey compared to credit cards. But it in my years in payments and loyalty innovation, this is the first time new contenders will succeed – and redefine the consumer experience.  This is a follow-up to my Forbes article, “Apple and the Merchant Payments Showdown”. Here I will deconstruct Apple Pay and the many unexpected deals its success will unleash. And my old colleagues at American Express and MasterCard might not be thrilled.

Think about this question (which I’ll answer after login below): How long do you think Apple Pay will feature photos of credit cards in its wallet?

As you ponder your answer, feel free to use this chart for inspiration:

payments showdown v2 web


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