America’s Journalism Renaissance

From the rubble of #FakeNews, cherry-picked truths, and reality bubbles, America is quietly having a journalism renaissance. But its fate is in our hands. Here’s a formula for making American journalism great again. #journalism #media

[8] 5 Reasons Why Bullshit Won

Ever wonder why suddenly there’s all kinds of “fake news” and everyone, including our President, can lie without consequence? Steve Faktor explains the five evolutionary reasons why bullshit is winning. Enjoy the latest episode of The McFuture podcast (or read it below)! Remember to share it & rate it  5-stars … [8] 5 Reasons Why …

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How Combative Atheism is Like The Gay Rights Movement, but Less Fabulous

For a while, I was enamored with the idea of aggressive non-believers like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher. Sure, every generation is becoming less religious, even if measured in p0rn downloads alone. Yet the non-believer must still lurk in the shadows – or risk being ‘the weird one’ in every room. Combative atheists offer those weirdos … How Combative Atheism is …

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America’s Corrosive New Apartheid

From my ‘uncomfortable conversations’ file: Somewhere on the road to greatness, we took a wrong turn. We became The Divided Sects of America. There’s a corrosive separatism – or self-inflicted apartheid – tearing this country apart. Every group has splintered into separate tribes – tea party, black lives matter, 99%-ers, LGBT, atheists, … America’s Corrosive New ApartheidRead …

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