Our Amoral Compass

Open Twitter or Facebook and immediately, hordes of iPreachers instruct you how to live: “Eat organic!” “Go green!” “Do yoga and meditate daily!” Then their enlightened, bourgeois friends chime in: “YAAAASSSSS, QUEEEEENNNN!!!!” COME TO MY BIKRAM RETREAT SUNDAY!! I JUST ATE HALF AN ALMOND! #SOGUILTY Back in reality, principle is … Our Amoral CompassRead More …

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12½ Truth Bombs

In this very special episode of The McFuture, we’ll bust 12½* modern myths about money, business, education, tech and government. Many of our assumptions deserves ruthless scrutiny. Questioning assumptions is how we innovate and shape our future.  It’s how we demand more from ourselves, employers and leaders.   Some of these … 12½ Truth BombsRead More …

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Three Rules That End Poverty

I grew up a poor immigrant and spent much of my childhood killing roaches with 99 cent slippers. In public high school, I was surrounded by kids from every race, nationality and class. (I suspect they were inspecting my mullet.) But their success had nothing to do with any of those … Three Rules That End …

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America’s Journalism Renaissance

From the rubble of #FakeNews, cherry-picked truths, and reality bubbles, America is quietly having a journalism renaissance. But its fate is in our hands. Here’s a formula for making American journalism great again. #journalism #media