Oh, H-1Behave Yourself!

Who doesn’t love immigrants? Nobody. That’s who. OK, maybe a few people…  But I can tell you who loves them dearly – American corporations. Especially, the 6-year H-1B employee visa for Indian and Chinese tech workers. And shockingly, it’s not because of heartwarming tales of diversity and inclusion. Skilled immigrants … Oh, H-1Behave Yourself!Read More …

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For weeks, the people of Hong Kong have been protesting China’s demand for extradition to the mainland. This would signal an end to the city’s independence. As the conflict rages on – and escalates, many want to help but are powerless. The best they can do is express solidarity online. … ObligationsRead More »

Our Amoral Compass

Open Twitter or Facebook and immediately, hordes of iPreachers instruct you how to live: “Eat organic!” “Go green!” “Do yoga and meditate daily!” Then their enlightened, bourgeois friends chime in: “YAAAASSSSS, QUEEEEENNNN!!!!” COME TO MY BIKRAM RETREAT SUNDAY!! I JUST ATE HALF AN ALMOND! #SOGUILTY Back in reality, principle is … Our Amoral CompassRead More …

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Why It’s Time for Cannibalism

“Swedish scientist advocates eating humans to combat climate change” Yes, that’s a real headline about a real scientist. OK, let’s not get crazy… He’s a “behavioral scientist and marketing strategist”. People love Catastrophe Porn. Yes, climate change is a problem. No, we won’t have to eat our dead neighbors to … Why It’s Time for …

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Trade This - ideafaktory

Trade This: Future Implications of Elizabeth Warren’s Global Trade Makeover

In 2011, I anticipated a reckoning for job losses from global trade deals. It hit like a brick with Donald Trump, but won’t end there. Here are my thoughts on the future implications of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to demand that poor countries meet labor and environmental standards to trade … Trade This: Future Implications …

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Three Rules That End Poverty

I grew up a poor immigrant and spent much of my childhood killing roaches with 99 cent slippers. In public high school, I was surrounded by kids from every race, nationality and class. (I suspect they were inspecting my mullet.) But their success had nothing to do with any of those … Three Rules That End …

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