This is the big one. On this episode of The McFuture podcast, we dig deep into why everything we heard¬†about income inequality is wrong. Here are the real root causes. Enjoy. ¬†(Though slightly less thrilling, you can also read it below…) … [7] DEBUNKING INEQUALITYRead More »

Myth of the American Idle

Sunday’s presidential debate featured a room full of undecided voters asking the candidates questions. Well, I have a¬†question for them:¬†What the f**k?!?? Are they¬†the most diligent people on earth, poring over¬†The Economist and Foreign Policy¬†for nuances? Or, is their¬†existence more mystifying than the big bang. Or, a 10th season of¬†The … Myth of the American …

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The One Lie That Will Save American Democracy

Like rotten fruit suspended in Jell-O,¬†we’ve congealed inside a¬†failing two party system. The two likely nominees for president have the combined likability of a hemorrhoid playing Mariachi music. Sure, many¬†still yearn for a decade at Bernie’s 350-million-man kibbutz. Others now get their crackers…wafers…at¬†The Church of Trumpology. Some¬†endorse Donald Trump, hoping¬†he … The One Lie That …

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