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#DeepFakeUS – What The F Are We?

Five disjointed sermons on technology and economics morph into an absurdist plea for clarity…in a country faking its way forward. Come feel the Bern of this week’s episode of The McFuture podcast.  In This Episode: DeepFake It Till You F%*$ It Kneel Before Nike The Real Juul of San Francisco … #DeepFakeUS – What The …

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World Without Billionaires

Every night, dozens of billionaires curl up with an underfed model, wondering where their next plate of wealth-affirming foie gras will come from. But heartless Americans don’t care. They want billionaires to pay for universal healthcare, universal basic income (UBI), free college, and a pocket comb for Bernie. What if they … World Without BillionairesRead More …

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