The McFuture Podcast with Steve Faktor

Join futurist author and innovation maharishi Steve Faktor for provocative predictions and prescriptions for a world drowning in Avengers, but starved for meaning…and laughter.

This season features edgy monologues on how tech, economics and culture are building our virtualized future – and what it will take to succeed in it. You don’t want to miss it.

GYMPOSSIBLE GREED: How To Lose All Your Customers, Mid-Pandemic

Ever have the most infuriating customer service call…mid-pandemic…with an executive at a company that screwed you over…and lecture them on customer service? Then, release the full recording publicly, with scathing commentary? No? Enjoy. (Watch the full video here or embedded below.)  Patreon supporters got this over a week early! Become … GYMPOSSIBLE GREED: How To …

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Covidiocracy + Mourning Glory

Our Coronavirus conundrum has exposed our fragility. In the first part of this episode, I explore the importance of mourning our old lives and how we must adapt. Then I revisit Idiocracy, a member-only episode, on how we’ve bred fragility into our society. It’s even more salient in light of … Covidiocracy + Mourning GloryRead …

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CORONANOMICS 4: Jobpocalypse NOW!

Is your job safe? How the coronavirus quarantine will impact jobs and the economy. This 9-part Quarantine Edition of The McFuture podcast explores the economics of the deadly Coronavirus – and how we can avoid the possibly deadlier consequences of its cure – a deep recession, or worse. This series … CORONANOMICS 4: Jobpocalypse NOW!Read …

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