Electoral College Reveals Secret Plan To Topple Trump

Dear Fellow Americans, We, here at the Electoral College, pride ourselves on being America’s Safe Space. That is why our leader, Dean Hufflepuff was so distressed to read your petition, … Electoral College Reveals Secret Plan To Topple TrumpRead More »

Myth of the American Idle

Sunday’s presidential debate featured a room full of undecided voters asking the candidates questions. Well, I have a¬†question for them:¬†What the f**k?!?? Are they¬†the most diligent people on earth, poring over¬†The Economist and Foreign Policy¬†for nuances? Or, is their¬†existence more mystifying than the big bang. Or, a 10th season of¬†The … Myth of the American …

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Resting Bitch Face: 23 Sassy Observations From The First Presidential Debate

First, I rejoiced at¬†Donald’s convention coup, then at¬†Hillary’s coronation. Now, my two heroes on one stage!!! The only thing left is that Meet the Press/Spongebob crossover and I can die happy… Anyway, here are my observations from¬†the first presidential debate: Hillary‚Äôs first answer was like a keyword orgasm. She‚Äôs been … Resting Bitch Face: 23 …

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Word War I

I remember life being much better, simpler before I knew any of the following words: ____-shaming/bullying AI/algorithm Appropriation Big Data Binge-watch Buzzfeed/HuffPo/Upworthy Citizens United Click-through/Content marketing/SEO Co-working Coffee/brew/latte/Grande/roast/java Comic-Con Cosplay Disruption/bootstrap/exit/pivot Engagement Evangelical Experiential Fanboy Foodie Fracking Gamer Gerrymandering GMO Hacking Hashtag Hoodie Human trafficking Imam/cleric/jihad/fatwa/fundamentalist Inequality Influencer/Thought-leader IoT IRL … Word War IRead More …

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Impervious No More

I thought I was better than you. You were weak. I was strong. I thought I could resist. I did not. Now, I am a coffee junkie. No, I still don’t drink it in the morning – or malfunction until the drug hits my bloodstream. But suddenly I need a … Impervious No MoreRead More …

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