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6 Web Security Tips for Shady Chrome Extensions

Some online security suggestions:
1) Only log into sensitive financial sites from an incognito window with extensions disabled. (Avoid Firefox for now. It does not currently disable add-ons in this mode.)
2) Activate ‘2-factor authentication’ on all your accounts, including email
3) Use a password manager to generate complex passwords & sync them across devices. We like the open source Keepass for advanced users & Lastpass for more novice ones.
4) Delete or disable any extension you haven’t used in a month.
5) Use ad & tracking blocker extensions. We currently like Ublock Origin + Disconnect combo. Though you may need to enable certain trackers for some sites. Can get tricky. In a pinch, open the site incognito.
6) Most browsers have tracking and ad blockers that you should activate. We’re also experimenting with blocking 3rd party cookies, but know this will break some sites that rely on outside domains, like shopping sites.

Have other suggestions? Add to the comments. If we like them, we’ll ‘like’ them.

What if EVERYTHING is selfish?

Another controversial thought: EVERYTHING is selfish, even when it helps.

People who pursue material wealth or power do so to validate their identity, effort, or status. We’ve all agreed this looks (& is) selfish.

But we rarely question why givers give. They’re also being selfish. Whether they donate at church, help in a disaster, or tweet about social programs, they’re feeding a need – to help, to be righteous, to appear righteous. That $1 for the beggar on the subway, pair of Toms shoes, or retweet might not help the problem, but offers a quick surge of validation. Like a Hermes, helping is an identity, the basis of one’s inner self. That is SELFish, even when others benefit.

Sometimes, both impulses live inside the same person. Others, like Bill Gates, transition from one identity to the other.

And despite the endless battles between the selfish & (seemingly) selfless, both desperately need each other. Without the drive of the former to create or finance innovation, the latter would have little to redistribute – or enjoy.

The sooner we realize that love thyself and love thy neighbor are forever intertwined, the sooner we can go back to doing both.


Here’s a controversial statement: You don’t want your child to be valedictorian. Or, captain of the (bubble-wrapped) football team. Or even that popular. Peaking too early can breed complacency, set unrealistic expectations that success will come easily. It won’t. Valedictorians have a bigger problem, their success is a testament to … Valedictorious?Read More »

Slim Margins

It’s odd that everyone accepts that different industries have different margins. Slim in grocery, beverage & mining. Fat in digital, banking & tobacco.

But few seem comfortable that #jobs work the same exact way.

Pay & probability of attaining it are hardwired in to most job functions. There will never be a rich fast food clerk or poor developer (drug habits & divorces aside).

We can debate how the market rewards bankers vs nurses vs teachers, but all the info to ensure higher income is out there. Most of us (or our kids) can make those decisions. Then, do the necessary hard work to get there.

Choose wisely, my friends.