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Let’s face it – we’re all guilty of mostly caring about what affects us. It’s not something to feel bad about, but to recognize. You take care of yourself and your family before a distant cousin or, gulp, a Facebook friend. Even selfless acts can be linked to self-interest. You’re … Distorted.Read More »

The Reich Stuff

This piece on Ben Carson and this one on Trump’s fact-free candidacies made me realize that after years of apathy, Americans are finally … The Reich StuffRead More »

Flaccid Election & Other Independence Day Thoughts

Most guys celebrate Independence Day by watching some fireworks, grilling meat, and pretending the dishes will wash themselves. Not me. Even Independence Day is an opportunity for ideas to fix America. Here are three of them: … Flaccid Election & Other Independence Day ThoughtsRead More »

Part II – Deep Dive: Apple Pay and The Strange Bedfellows Analysis [free login]

This is a deep-dive follow-up to my Will Apple Pay Reign Supreme? article in Forbes. Apple Pay launched last week with a million cards registered. How did you celebrate? CVS and several other retailers celebrated by disabling all NFC chip payments in anticipation of their own solution, CurrentC…based on my favorite punching … Part II – Deep …

Part II – Deep Dive: Apple Pay and The Strange Bedfellows Analysis [free login] Read More »