Coronanomics 1: Opportunity

This is the first of a daily, 10-part series about the economics of¬† the deadly Coronavirus & how to survive its even deadlier cure – a deep #recession, or worse. Here I explain my inspiration for this series – our last recession. And why I’m optimistic we can make something positive from this turmoil.

This 10-part daily series explores the economics of  the deadly Coronavirus & how to survive its even deadlier cure Рa deep #recession, or worse.

This series will cover:

  1. Opportunity – my inspiration for this series: our last recession – and why I’m optimistic we can positively affect our outcomes.
  2. Forbidden Math Рcalculating the coronavirus death toll and $-value of human life 
  3. Pass or Fail? – the three measures of “success” in handling this crisis?
  4. Recession – impact of coronavirus on jobs and the economy
  5. Solutions – what do I think of the rescue package. How’s a $2 Trillion rescue even possible??
  6. Missing Links – what else should we be doing RIGHT NOW?
  7. Strategies & Tactics – for Small businesses and employees
  8. The Future – what happens in the coming months, years, and decade after?
  9. Gouging & Hoardingfor Patreon supporters only (Starting at just $5 a month! Join to support the show & access killer member-only content!)
  10. ENEMIES –¬†for Patreon supporters only

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