Innovating Happiness by Steve Faktor – Coming Soon

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 The future is upon us and it will look very different. Are you or your business prepared for an America ruled by leisure? It’s coming sooner than you think.

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Steve Faktor’s first book, Econovation, explored America’s shift from consumerism to ‘producerism’. It prepared businesses and individuals to compete in a maker economy, where everyone had the choice to be empowered – or fattened up by amazing new technologies.

Innovating Happiness, Steve’s next book, picks up where Econovation left off. It envisions a world that’s automating faster than anyone expected. Everything from teaching to crime fighting to finding the perfect Spanx will be automated. Almost everything will be easier, except finding a job – or a customer. A glut of products will chase a shrinking pool of affluent customers across thousands of media channels filled with news, opinions, and cat videos. Nearly everyone is a digital marketer screaming to be heard.  At the same time, our new digital lives leave a big, empty biological hole – if the booming self-help and yoga pants industries are any clue.

From now on, every new invention and every new job must achieve one thing: innovate happiness.  It won’t be easy. But Innovating Happiness will help you:

  • Master the new rules of competing in this saturated, pleasure-seeking world – a Disney world, of sorts
  • Learn how to bake happiness and purpose into every product and service
  • Make yourself and your business indispensible
  • Learn who is best equipped to survive in our brutally competitive land of leisure
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