CANCEL SURVIVOR: Business Lessons w/Josh Denny & Steve Faktor

Is there anything more dangerous than [doing a podcast with] a Cancel Survivor? Josh Denny was a former retail executive-turned comedian & Food Network star, until his controversial (and malicious) cancellation, erasure, and firing from his next job.¬† We discuss Josh’s discuss his resurrection as an advertising executive at WILL. And Josh and I share grizzled lessons in business, with a dash of politics and comedy (which recently merged).

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On the show:  
  1. The perfect gift to save your relationship
  2. How Josh got canceled
  3. Killing corporate creativity
  4. Brands & morality
  5. Why stories are all that’s left
  6. Stolen slices, helpful pepperoni & greedy intermediaries
  7. The problem with thought leadership & eating your own cooking
  8. Should normal people ever go on social media? And the network best poised to benefit
  9. Politics, authenticity & the media “lie-catcher”
  10. The only kind of diversity that matters – that no one ever talks about
  11. Motivating C-players
  12. Developing a personal identity
  13. The humbling: making ends meet, after cancellation
  14. Hollywood (business) endings

On the member-only Patreon episode, we discuss:

  1. Relationships & why no one wants Steve or Josh
  2. Comedians cancelled on accusations/Free Ellen!
  3. Josh on Steve’s competitive advantage & how to get bigger audiences with his videos¬†
  4. Steve advises Josh on a whole new way to do web bios that defeat whiteness!

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