MEDIA MONSTERS | Mistweeted by Steve Faktor #8B | The McFuture Podcast

Steve Faktor’s rowdy romp through the heroes and monsters who control free speech. (The next episode, Lord of the Fries¬†is already up for¬†Patreon supporters. Sign up at

  1. 01:02 Why Joe Rogan Is A HUGE Threat To Media
  2. 06:20 The Myth of Short Content
  3. 08:22 Spotify Shows Why You Can’t Trust Platforms
  4. 10:46 A Reality Check For Employees Speaking Their Truth
  5. 12:06 “You’ve Been Here 4 HOURS!!!”
  6. 12:44 The Formula For How Mainstream Media Will CRUSH Independents
  7. 19:34 The Societal Cost of Disney’s Expansion
  8. 21:12 The Only Funny Thing About SNL
  9. 23:19 Zoom or BOOOOM!! You Decide.
  10. 24:42 J.A.S. QUEEEEEN!! – Journalists Against Speech & The Dangers Of A Subscription Model
  11. 26:42 Facebook & The Quagmire of “Hate Speech”
  12. 28:19 The Closest Thing To Mind Control
  13. 30:05 The Real Hunter Biden Bombshell
  14. 32:23 Dangerous Satire?
  15. 33:31 Are Critics of Social Media Doomed?
  16. 34:33 Should Platforms that Censor Enjoy Government Protection? A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Proposal
  17. 36:57 We Are Facebook
  18. 39:43 Is TikTok The New Kaspersky?
  19. 41:43 The Only Censor I Trust
  20. 41:59 The REAL REASON Twitter Crashed
  21. 42:51 Poisoned Paradise

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