Prescription: Neutralize Empty Jobs With Helping Others, Tangibility & Sensory Stimulation

Prescription: Improve Happiness at Work Through Helping Others, Tangibility & Sensory Stimulation

Status: Occurring

“ Digital desk jobs feel empty because they are empty. They deprive us of the very things that make us human: our five senses and the satisfaction of tangible output”

Happiness Will Not Be Downloaded, Jun 2012

there’s plenty of evidence that people who make a tangible product, use their senses, and help others are happier than mere office dwellers. But let’s face it, Microsoft won’t pay you to conquer the Amazon or extract salmon roe. Offices are where the work is. “

How To Turn Office Dwellers Into Doers, Jul 2012


What Happened

Empty Jobs

But available figures suggest that zero-sum activities have grown significantly. As Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini point out in a recent Harvard Business Review article, some 17.6% of all US jobs, receiving 30% of all compensation, are in “management and administrative” functions likely to involve significant zero-sum activity. Meanwhile employment in financial and “business services” firms has grown from 15% to 18% of all US jobs in the last 20 years, and from 20% to 24% of measured output.

Importance of sensory stimulation


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Does a workspace really need ‘fun’ fixtures to inspire creativity? , May 2017

A growing number of design firms worldwide are helping to re-shape offices as creative playpens

Importance of Helping Others

How to Succeed Professionally by Helping Others Mar 2013

Research shows that even if the rewards aren’t immediately apparent, contributing to the success of others pays off in the long run.