Social Networking Soup, an ideafaktory Venn

Social Networking Soup -

Social Networking Soup  -

A little something I just whipped up. So do you agree?

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2 thoughts on “Social Networking Soup, an ideafaktory Venn”

    1. Peter, I think G+ is a far less personal network about ideas, not people. Around the time I started using it more actively I wrote my thoughts about it here:

      Here’s my copy/paste from there:

      Why I’m starting to love Google Plus:

      1) It’s about ideas, not people. Not that I’m not a people person, but I get stimulation from discussing big issues and big ideas. G+ has successfully attracted many other like-minded people…and yes, many Geeks, but I like that.
      2) It’s built for dialogue – with no secret filtering, like Facebook deciding who sees what without you knowing. Followership is based on quality of content and commenting is encouraged.
      3) Most content is public, which is what ideas should be
      4) It’s what Twitter can never be – deep.
      5) I am so happy to see you have great, healthy, happy kids, but I’ve seen soooo many baby photos on FB!! Make it stop! G+ is adults only (and not in a dirty way).

      There are others, but for now, you’ll find me here.

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