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Past clients: X+1, American Express, Hallmark, Samsung, MasterCard, LendingClub

Steve Quoted in Inc. Magazine: How Your Business Idea Can Help Save the World & Win $15 Million

XPrize is a pretty big deal, but does it actually work? Is the world finally saved? This article in Inc ...
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How to Stop Fighting on Facebook – Steve Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

In this August 5th article in the Wall Street Journal, Allison Lichter writes about the first world problem of how to ...
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Steve Quoted in Entrepreneur: Can Giveback Programs Help School Supplies Startups Stand Out?

In Neil Parmar’s latest article in Entrepreneur, “Can Giveback Programs Help School Supplies Sellers Stand Out?“, I offer some thoughts on the ...
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Steve on TWiT.TV: Is Disruptive Innovation A Farce?

In case you haven’t been following the drama, Jill Lepore, a Harvard professor, launched a massive attack in the New Yorker ...
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Steve Faktor Featured in Germany’s Capital Magazine Google Cover Story

Steve Faktor and his 4E’s of Google Strategy are featured in the March 2014 cover story of Germany’s premier business ...
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Video: Are You Innovating Happiness? My Talk from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit on December 6, 2013

If you weren’t able to join me form my keynote at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit on December 6, below is ...
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