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Past clients: X+1, American Express, Hallmark, Samsung, MasterCard, LendingClub

How to Innovate in Regulated Industries – Steve Faktor on The Innovation Leader Podcast

On the Innovation Leader podcast, hear my experiences and tips for overcoming obstacles innovating in regulated industries, like financial services ...
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Liberating Content Creators from Social Platforms – Steve Faktor Guests on Josh Denny’s Podcast

I loved guesting on Josh Denny’s podcast, The Implications of Josh Denny. Josh is a talented comedian, free-thinker and exiled ...
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Beyond Fidget Spinners: Surviving Patent Purgatory – Steve Faktor Quote in Chicago Tribune

Here’s my recent quote in a¬†Chicago Tribune¬†article about the pitfalls of patents for entrepreneurs – followed by some advice on ...
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Steve Quoted in Inc. Magazine: How Your Business Idea Can Help Save the World & Win $15 Million

XPrize is a pretty big deal, but does it actually work? Is the world finally saved? This article in Inc ...
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How to Stop Fighting on Facebook – Steve Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

In this August 5th article in the Wall Street Journal, Allison Lichter writes about the first world problem of how to ...
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Steve Quoted in Entrepreneur: Can Giveback Programs Help School Supplies Startups Stand Out?

In Neil Parmar’s latest article in Entrepreneur, “Can Giveback Programs Help School Supplies Sellers Stand Out?“, I¬†offer some¬†thoughts on the ...
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