Prediction: The End of White Space

Status: Occurring Prediction: The End of White Space As We Know It “We are powerless. Numerous trends are pointing towards continued ad-ification of the world: No politician wants to raise taxes. As municipal desperation for non-tax funds grows, so will advertising. The sheer abundance of products and communication channels will … Prediction: The End of …

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Deconstructing Google’s Strategy

After Google’s I/O announcements, I flashed back to a dozen or so conversations I’ve had with executives and entrepreneurs about what Google is doing. Reading between the lines, some imagined buying yachts after a Google acquisition. Others feared downgrading to an inner tube if Google entered their space.  The best way to … Deconstructing Google’s StrategyRead More …

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The End of White Space!

For two weeks in a row, I’ve seen articles about the proliferation of non-traditional billboard advertising. The first has to do with pay phones. Remember, pay phones? They’re those big rectangular half-booths you lean on while talking on your cell phone. As it turns out, almost no one except drug … The End of White …

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