Incremental Illness Claims Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

‘Incrementalism’ only sounds like the next horrible religion to captivate Tom Cruise. It’s actually a chronic condition that’s claimed countless corporate careers. Its devastation can be measured in thousands of yards – of yacht downgrades. Before donating to your local Adopt-a-Yacht chapter, let’s study incrementalism’s latest victim, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Ms. Mayer … Incremental Illness Claims Yahoo …

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Go Postal!

Now Everyone Can ‘Go Postal!’

Just got this confidentially from a friend working on this project for the US Post Office… It’s unreal. Original Email (names were changed/omitted): —– Forwarded Message —– From:  omitted To: omitted Sent: Wednesday, Jan 15, 2012 4:54 PM Subject: Proposal: New Post Office Business Model – Go Postal! Hi Dave, To follow up on … Now Everyone Can ‘Go …

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