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Freakier than Freakonomics. More funny than Planet Money.

Join author and innovation maharishi Steve Faktor for a trek through The McFuture, a world drowning in #Kardashians but starved for meaning. The show features Steve's provocative, funny explorations of our future and conversations with cultural icons, Nobel-winning economists, and innovators shaping our world. The theme for Season 1 is saturation. And the ending will not disappoint!



[9] My Beautiful Monstrosity with Jim Jefferies

This week is a treat. I welcome comedian Jim Jefferies as my guest. Yes, the same Jim Jefferies who told Piers Morgan to "F*** off!" on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday.  This episode is a about a dark, ugly, beautiful revelation I had, inspired by a brilliant bit on ...

[BONUS] 10 Ways YOU WILL AGREE Trump Is Making Us Great Again

After hearing this, every liberal, conservative and independent will WILL FALL MADLY, PASSIONATELY IN LOVE with El Orangente Donald J. Trump. Be warned:  no one is ever ready for a love so great...again. If you enjoyed this, subscribe at ideafaktory, share with friends, and rate the show 5-stars on iTunes ...

[8] 5 Reasons Why Bullshit Won

Ever wonder why suddenly there's all kinds of "fake news" and everyone, including El Presidente, can lie? A lot. Steve Faktor explains the five evolutionary reasons why bullshit is winning. Enjoy the latest episode of The McFuture! If you like it, don't forget to share it with others and rate ...


This is the big one. Why everything we think we know about income inequality is wrong. Here are the real root causes. Enjoy. You can also read it on LinkedIn here: INEQUALITY WE TRUST ...

BONUS: How Larry Became King [Free LogIn]

If you heard the original episode of The McFuture podcast with special guest Larry King, then this will be a treat. Log in to listen to Larry tell his own story. A mini-autobiography his life and career, fresh from our conversation. If you enjoy it, share it! And tell some friends! ...

[6] Larry King: Confronting Legacy, Zombies & God

In the latest episode of The McFuture podcast, I speak to the one and only Larry King. Larry has interviewed over 60,000 people - that’s three times more than Wilt Chamberlain has slept with! He’s the host of Larry King Now on Ora.TV and you won't believe how open he is about his ...