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Join futurist author and innovation maharishi Steve Faktor for provocative predictions and prescriptions for a world drowning in Avengers, but starved for meaning...and laughter.

  • Ferocious, funny monologues on how tech, economics and culture will shape our future - and what it will take to succeed in it.
  • Spectacular guests, including Larry King, comedian Jim Jefferies, Governor Jesse Ventura, Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz, former ACLU President Nadine Strossen, Megachurch Pastor AR Bernard and many more.
  • Mistweeted by Steve Faktor -  LIVE weekly podcasts exploring the deep, dark, hilarious underbelly of Steve's daily Tweets - and what they mean for our future. (See next scheduled stream below.)


"I am now a proud patron of Steve Faktor on Patreon, and you should be too. Seriously. The guy is out-of-this-world funny, honest and thought-provoking. #NewPatron"
- Juan Llanos, FinTech Adviser/TED Speaker (Twitter 4/2019)

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It's been two weeks and I'mma 'bout to BURST with ideas, predictions and prescriptions that might just save your...

Posted by Steve Faktor on Monday, October 12, 2020