The Reich Stuff

This piece on Ben Carson and this one on Trump’s fact-free candidacies made me realize that after years of apathy, Americans are finally ‘Hitler-Ready’. Like ‘3D-Ready’ and ‘HD-Ready’, it doesn’t mean we’ll get 3D or HD, but our equipment can handle it. In this case, equipment refers to the tiny, disinterested brains we’ve cultivated. Ones that have no interest in facts, critical thinking, or problem solving. At least we know what the enemy is: stupidity. And we have to throw every penny at curing it. Otherwise, thank God we have nukes to keep China from taking over our Idiocracy.


President Camacho would be an upgrade. Watch ‘Idiocracy’

Of course, I say this with full knowledge that my mom just announced her plans to volunteer for the Trump campaign if he wins the nomination. She has lots of ideas on where the slot machines should go.

Just like Carson, Trump hasn’t heard the word ‘no’ in ages. They’re showing us what unbridled hubris can achieve. Even people who seem intelligent are falling for it. There’s something to be said for cult of personality. And maybe for branding.

The same rags from the same Chinese factory will sell for triple when stamped with a well-known brand. But they’ll fall apart in the wash just the same. This time, I hope we keep scrubbing.