Our Proven 4C’s of Innovation Approach

Our best-in-class 4C’s of InnovationTM process has produced multiple $100M+ businesses for Fortune 100 companies. Here are some of the big questions we help you answer.



Where are the best future growth opportunities for my company?

 How will tech, economic & cultural trends disrupt our business?
What will our future customers want?
Where should we focus our growth & innovation investments?
What are actionable growth hypotheses for our business?


What products or services should we bring to market?

What should our innovation vision & strategy be?
What products, services or business lines will drive growth?
How do we re-imagine a struggling product or service?
Can you build the concept, business model, strategy & go-to-market plan?
How do we create a sustainable pipeline?


How do we commercialize quickly & sustain competitive advantage?

How do we commercialize our new innovation?
What technology, IP, data or other assets will create sustainable competitive advantage?
Can you help find, evaluate & acquire needed assets?


How can we ensure innovation succeeds at our company?

How should we measure, organize, staff & reward innovation?
Can you help us deploy a best-in-class 4C’s of InnovationTM program?
What tools, budgets & technologies fit our needs?
Can you train teams to lead & manage innovation?
What innovation sourcing methods are right for our business?