Introducing ‘Functional Futurism’

What is "Functional Futurism"?

Between our imperfect present and promises of abundance, longevity, and perfect cyborg lovers, is a weird, long, awkward phase. And we love it!

The least interesting person at the party is the A-student who ticked all the right boxes in life. For the next 50 years – like it or not – we’ll be sandwiched between the grizzled war vet and twice-divorced mother of four. And have they’ve got stories! They’ve lived. As will we. That’s The McFuture. And it resides at the nexus of innovation, economics and culture, our sweet spot.

Closer on our horizon is something more urgent that cried out for a name. So we gave it one. Functional Futurism is something we’d like to believe is divine, but is merely our formula for seeing a decade (or two) ahead – and what role you and your company should play in it.

And our record is pretty damn good – and verifiable. Just click the adjacent tab to see 50+ of our predictions and prescriptions. We rank them all – good to bad – and show you the backup. There’s no hiding on the internet.

That’s why top executives at major companies in tech, finance, healthcare, consumer goods and business services hire us. They don’t want laundry lists of sanitized “trends” or Stepford Wife obedience. They want real divergent thinking, unafraid of unpopular positions. There’s plenty of groupthink, industry acronyms, and myopia in your conference rooms already.

Check out our record. You might decide you can do better on your own. And maybe you can. But if we were deciding where to invest millions, what company to acquire, what product to build, which market to chase, a new strategic direction, or a vision for our future, we’d place a few chips here.

Even a vision that turns out wrong is superior to none at all. It propels you forward. It gives your company a clear mission and employees, a sense of purpose. It lets you control your own destiny, shape your future. How else can you justify any long term investment, over a sure-thing ad buy? Or, that new cherry-jalapeno flavor?

In the words of Rush, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Whatever you choose, we wish you nothing but success in The McFuture.