StartupFaktory B2B Incubator

Our StartupFaktory accelerator program hand-picks great startups, provides strategy and product advice, and secures major partnerships, clients, or acquirers through our vast network of senior executive clients and contacts.



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We work with no more than six startups at a time, so we look for companies that:

Raised at least $1M from outside investors
Have user growth, preferably paying ones
Operate in industry where we have strong relationships & expertise
Have a product & team we truly believe in



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We prepare startups to maximize growth & attract big customers, partners or acquirers.

Strategic guidance throughout the incubation period & beyond.
Product or service planning & advisory
Preparation & participation in key investor, client or partner meetings to lend support & credibility
Executive leadership & management coaching



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We connect you to our vast network of senior executives

Introduction to prospective investors, partners, clients & acquirers
Pitch preparation & guidance
Strategic guidance on deal parameters

We typically work together for 3 – 6 months & often beyond that. Our fees are a simple table of cash, equity & success bonuses that vary by client size & funding situation. Email us for details. No B.S. theorizing. We’ve done it in the real world.