Apply for a No-BS Strategy Session

Schedule your strategy session. Get new business ideas, innovative product/service concepts, effective strategies, creative ways to solve your problem and grow your business. It’s the no-BS advice our clients pay hundreds of thousands for – from startups to major brands, like American Express, Hallmark, Intel and Samsung.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • General Business Advice
  • Create New or Fix Existing Product, Service or Business
  • Business Strategy/Plan (Growth, Competitive, Go-to-Market)
  • Business Development/Partnerships/Acquisitions
  • Investor Prep/Pitch
  • Trends/Forecasts/Predictions
  • Business Models & Pricing
  • Org Re-Engineering (Culture, Vision, Mission, Processes)

How it works

  1. Complete the form on this page.
  2. We’ll contact you for additional details. If we can help, we’ll send pricing and scheduling options for a one hour video strategy session with Steve.
  3. If you need longer-term advisory, we can discuss retainer options at the end of our session.


Below, please include: company name | location | industry | # of employees | annual revenue | details on the problem you need help with

Note: We rely on clients for honest and complete disclosure of circumstances, but as an outside adviser, our information will always be more limited and time-constrained. Therefore, clients retain complete freedom to implement, ignore or modify our recommendations – and full accountability (legal, operating, marketing, financial etc.) for all outcomes and choices made.